Ariete Coffee Machines

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Add a touch of timeless style to your kitchen with Ariete. Get your daily energy boost with all kinds of Ariete coffee machines, from espresso machines to drip coffee makers. Bring back the good ol' days with the Ariete vintage collection, with all kinds of appliances from ovens to toasters. Start off your day right with an Ariete toaster in vintage design that lets you make toast for the whole family. Enjoy your tea or coffee break the old-school way with an Ariete vintage kettle. Relive your playful childhood years with a popcorn maker or ice cream maker that fills your kitchen with fun. Whether you're feeling nostalgic or simply want to add a stylish upgrade to your kitchen, you'll find what you need in our Ariete Bahrain range.

Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee that will satisfy all of your coffee cravings with its intense and fragrant aroma. Inspired by a timeless vintage style, Ariete vintage coffee machines are all about bringing back a blend of elegant and contemporary designs. Featuring cold surfaces, ergonomic handles with soft touch finishing, and an auto-off system, these coffee machines will give you the energy boost you need to help you stay on top of your game. Find the perfect machine to fit your home, kitchen, or office now!

Discover Ariete Toasters & Rice Cookers in Bahrain

Safe and reliable, our Ariete rice cookers will help you cook rice perfectly, and not only that, but they also feature a wide range of uses, such as stewing soup and keeping your food warm. They have various operation functions such as steaming, boiling, stewing, potting, and simmering food, making them a perfect addition to your kitchen! Another great choice is our Ariete Drink N Go blender. Get to enjoy fresh smoothies, shakes, and acai bowls and feel refreshed and cool with our Ariete smoothie maker at Jashanmal Bahrain.

Take your breakfast to the next level with our Ariete toasters, and get to toast simple slices or complete sandwiches. With outstanding features such as auto eject and detachable crumb tray, self-centering function, 6 stages of browning, cool touch edges, and defrosting heating and cooking function.

Buy all the mini kitchen appliances you need to make your life easier, be it an Ariete mini air fryer, citrus juicer, coffee grinder, or espresso machine. Find it all here online at Jashanmal Bahrain!