Kenwood Blenders and Mixers

Make your time in the kitchen a breeze with Kenwood appliances designed to have everything you need. Cook like a pro with Kenwood kitchen machines and mixers that guarantee perfect results every time. Prepare your hot beverages with top-notch Kenwood kettles, and heat or cook your favorite meals with high-performance Kenwood microwaves. Blend ingredients in no time with Kenwood blenders, and much more. Discover how Kenwood can enhance your life in the kitchen and shop for our Kenwood Bahrain range now!


Blend, chop, dice, and slice effortlessly with our range of Kenwood food processors that make food preparation a breeze. Kenwood food processors are compact, durable, and multi-functional, so they let you create healthy, exciting, and tasty food easily. These kitchen appliances are designed to prepare precise recipes conveniently, so you can cook every meal exactly as you want it. Plus, Kenwood food processors come with a variety of accessories that help you prepare all types of food while saving your time. Discover the Kenwood Multipro food processor range. Simple, versatile, and stylish, the Kenwood Multipro line offers traditional food processors to suit all of your daily cooking needs. Opt for the Kenwood FP730 with a simple, classic design that combines Kenwood’s reliable performance with value and versatility. If you want something smaller, then go for the Kenwood Multipro compact food processor range, to get the same great performance while taking up less space. Shop the range at Jashanmal and get the best Kenwood food processor price in Bahrain.


Cook your favorite meals and baked goods with the versatile, high-performing Kenwood mixers and kitchen machines. Whisk, knead and mix any dough effortlessly to create delicious baked goods with a Kenwood Prospero mixer that features high-quality components and various practical attachments that perfectly blend, whisk, and process all of the ingredients you’d need to create amazing meals and baked goods. If you want something lightweight for simpler recipes, then a Kenwood hand mixer is ideal for you, since it’s designed to power through recipes to give you great results in less time. Prepare meals like a pro with a Kenwood kitchen machine, which includes everything you'd need for daily cooking. Take the Kenwood Chef XL for example, which helps you cook delicious food while minimizing food preparation and allowing you to make a wide variety of dishes. The Chef XL, as well as almost every other Kenwood kitchen machine, comes with dedicated bowl tools and varying speeds that let you create most recipes with ease. Discover the range of Kenwood kitchen machines in Bahrain at Jashanmal and get great prices.

Shop for the rest of our Kenwood Bahrain range including Kenwood microwaves, kettles, blenders, choppers, and much more online and enjoy the best Kenwood price in the Bahrain.