How do I change my password?

You need to log into your account online using your existing password, pop to the Personal Data section and you will be prompted to put your old and new password in. Click the confirm button when this is done.

Why doesn’t my order show in order history

You need to be a registered member to be able to view your order history. Maybe you checked out as a guest when you last ordered? As long as you always login to your online account when placing an order, it will be saved in your order history.

How do I change my email address

You need to be a registered to be able to edit your contact details. Please login to your account and change the password in the Personal Details section.

I cannot track my order from my account.

Please make sure you use the same email address which you used while placing the order. Please ensure the order number is correct. Alternatively, you can track the order directly on the carriers’ website using the tracking number.

My password does not work.

Please keep in mind, that passwords are case sensitive. When you still have trouble logging in, we suggest you click the ‘Forgot Password’ button to get an automated password. You can change the password again in the Personal Details section of your account

 I cannot log into my account to do my return.

Please check if you created a bh.Jashanmalhome Online account when ordering. Maybe you checked out as a guest? Please make sure you are using correct login details. Please bear in mind, that passwords are case sensitive. Should you still struggle to do your return, please use contact us form. 



Why can’t I see the item I want online

Stock varies between stores, Catalog and online. What you see in store/Catalog may not be what you see online and vice versa. The item you are looking for might belong to an order line. Please contact us and we will try to find the item or an alternative for you.

Where can I get an older product from

Please contact us and we will try to locate the item for you. We might be able to suggest an alternative from the current range.



I can’t log into my account to place an order.

Please make sure you created a Jashanmalhome Online account. Accounts are only ever created if you choose to do so when placing the order. We do offer an option to checkout as a guest, when an account is not being created. Please make sure you are using correct login details. Please bear in mind, that passwords are case sensitive. If you have forgotten the password, you can click the ‘Forgot Password’ button and an automated password will be emailed to you.



Why has my payment been rejected

We recommend you to contact your bank to check why the payment has been rejected. Please contact us when you have further questions

I have an error when paying – what should I do

Please contact us to describe the error you are getting. If possible, please send us a screenshot of the error message. This can be emailed to:

I typed in my payment details, clicked submit and did not get an order confirmation page – what shall I do

Please contact us to check the order status.



Who will deliver my parcel?

Details of the courier & if in case the customer wants to see an ID, 

OCS uniformed courier will deliver the shipment.

When will my order be delivered?

Bahrain: Within 3 working days.

OCS uniformed courier will deliver the shipment.

What happens if I am out when the carrier tries to deliver

The shipment will be returned back to OCS nearest facility, a call will be given again next day for the delivery.

The tracking says that my parcel is returned to sender. What does this mean?

A courier service will return a parcel to us when they are unable to deliver or when you refuse the parcel. Please let us know if you would like us to redeliver the parcel to an alternative address or if you would like us to refund you the money.

What if I need to get in contact with the carrier?

You can contact OCS call center 04-6072400 or communicate on WhatsApp.



You sent me the wrong product/colour – do I have to return it

Please contact us and we will try to find the best solution for you.

Can I return my order to a Jashanmal store?

Yes, you can definitely return the order in any Jashanmal Department  stores across the Bahrain, by providing a copy of the transaction receipt & a valid Bahrain ID card. Please follow the return instructions in our Return Policy.

How do I return my order

Follow the instructions online and arrange collection or drop the parcel off. The instructions are also on the paperwork that arrived with the order.

How long do I have to return my order

14 days from date of shipment.



My product has broken / not working, what shall I do

Please contact us and let us know the details of the damage. Please let us know the product name and when / where you bought the item. We would also appreciate if you could email us a photo of the damage along with a copy of the purchase receipt to



I have just returned my order – when will I be refunded

It will take around 3-5 working days for the parcel to arrive back with us and the return/refund will be done within 7-14 working days. Generally it will take 2 - 3 weeks for the refund to appear on your bank account. Please contact us if you have further questions to your refund status.



I had bad customer service in store.

We value all feedback. We would ask you do send us your feedback using the ‘Contact us’ section. Please describe your experience in store and let us know any relevant details like store name and location, the item you purchased and when you visited the store. We will escalate the issue.