Russell Hobbs


Enjoy Russell Hobbs’ cleverly designed home appliances that make your life easier. Browse Russell Hobbs Kettles, irons, toasters, breadmakers, slow cookers and more. Prepare healthy recipes with a Russell Hobbs Nutriboost Blender and go oil-free with a Russell Hobbs Air fryer. Discover the range today.


Indulge in your favorite hot beverages in a quick and easy way with Russell Hobbs kettles that come in elegant designs at affordable prices. Russell Hobbs electric kettles suit every style and need with sophisticated technology that makes having your hot drink easier than ever. Check out the classic Russell Hobbs honeycomb kettle that boils you a cup in 43 seconds and features a ‘Perfect Pour’ spout that prevents any splashes and spills. Alternatively, opt for the sleek Russell Hobbs Snowdon kettle that also comes with a ‘Perfect Pour’ spout and features a brushed stainless steel body and black accents that suit any kitchen. Check out the rest of our Russell Hobbs kettle range for more options.


Discover the range of Russell Hobbs irons that make ironing easier than ever. The Russell Hobbs 22520 Auto Steam Iron comes with a power of 2400W and a non-stick soleplate with 45g/min continuous steam and a 130g/min steam shot to help remove creases from stubborn fabrics Like denim in no time. Another super powerful Russell Hobbs steam iron is the Ultra Steam Pro which comes with a self-cleaning function that guarantees that the hot water produced in your steam out contains no impurities that can ruin your clothes. It doesn't end here. Discover the rest of our Russell Hobbs irons range for more superb steam irons.


Indulge in your favorite sandwiches with our range of Russell Hobbs sandwich makers that help you make scrumptious sandwiches in no time. Enjoy the iconic Russell Hobbs sandwich-maker 3 in 1, a versatile item that comes with deep-fill sandwich, waffle, and grill plates that let you create anything you're craving. This Russell Hobbs sandwich maker also features non-stick plates that are easy to clean, making your life easier. Check out the rest of our Russell Hobbs sandwich makers and toasters for more tasty treats.


If you need a full meal rather than just a sandwich, then a Russell Hobbs slow cooker is the perfect option for you. Take the classic Searing Slow Cooker for example, lets you pre-sear meat in a separate searing pan, saving you the hassle of using additional pans & grills. Because they’re cleverly designed to make your life easier, Russell Hobbs slow cookers are ideal for busy people who want to have nourishing meals that taste great without the hassle of preparation. Shop for a Russell Hobbs slow cooker of your choice today, and check out the rest of our range for more appliances like Russell Hobbs blenders, choppers, vacuum cleaners, and more.